Cannabis Realities



What does the report of the State Council on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse recommend for state marijuana policy and why? 


          Dr. David Galbis-Reig, report co-author; and Medical Director of Addiction Services, Wheaton Franciscan                Healthcare – All Saints

What is happening around the country? The state by state debate over legalization.


          Kevin Sabet, President and CEO, Smart Approaches to Marijuana

Can marijuana be addictive? Is it a gateway to harder drugs? How does use change personality?

          Karen Wolownik-Albert, LCSW, Executive Director, Gateway Foundation - Lake Villa Treatment Center

          Adam Kindred, Outreach Coordinator, Addiction Resource Council

What are the impacts of regular marijuana use on achievement of high school and post-secondary students?

          Steve Fernan, Assistant Director Student Services/Prevention and Wellness, Department of Public                          Instruction

          Brett Fuller, Student Wellness and Prevention Specialist, Milwaukee Public Schools

          Scott Bakkum, School counselor and AODA coordinator, Oconomowoc K - 12

The use of marijuana for medical purposes

          Dr. Michael Miller, Medical Director, Herrington Recovery Center; and Past President ASAM

          Dr. Kenneth Finn, Doctor of Pain Management, Colorado Springs Rehabilitation

Report from Colorado. How is recreational marijuana working out for citizens and the state economy?

          Tom Gorman, Director, Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (video)

          Jim Gerhardt, Vice President, Colorado Drug Investigators Association

Law Enforcement and Marijuana. Is decriminalization the same as legalization?

          Special Agent Jeff Hale, Wisconsin Department of Justice - Division of Criminal Investigation, Narcotics 

          Milwaukee Field Office