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Smart Alternatives to Marijuana (SAM)

National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)

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​American Society of Addiction Medicine

Policy Papers:


Washington State HIDTA Marijuana Impact Report Volume 1, March 2016

​A report done by the Northwest High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area. It displays the troubling statistics and trends that have been developing in Washington, due to Marijuana. 

Declaration of Bertha Madras in the United States v. Brian Schweder

​Testimony by Dr. Bertha Madras, Professor of Psychobiology at the Harvard School of Medicine, defending the United States government's official position on marijuana.

Michael D. Privitera’s (President of American Epilepsy Society) letter to the Pennsylvania Legislature

​​"In sum, there simply is no clinical, controlled research to support the adoption of new CBD legislation for epilepsy such as your state is considering. The anecdotal results of a few families in Colorado, shared in the media, should not be the basis for law-making."

Scientific Studies:

"Persistent Cannabis Users Show Neuropsychological Decline From Childhood to Midlife"
A study displaying how chronic cannabis use in youth results in neuropyscholocial decline and IQ loss.

"Probability and Predictors of the Cannabis Gateway Effect: A National Study"

“In conclusion, our study indicates that about 45% of individuals with lifetime cannabis use progressed to other illicit drug use, highlighting the potential dangers of policies that may increase the availability of cannabis, at least for the fraction of individuals at risk for other illicit drug use. Furthermore, psychiatric comorbidity is a strong predictor of the association between cannabis use and progression to other illicit drug use."

"Medical Marijuana Laws in 50 States: Investigating the Relationship Between State Legalization of Medical Marijuana and Marijuana Use, Abuse and Dependence"

“Residents of states with medical marijuana laws had higher odds of marijuana use and marijuana abuse/dependence than residents of states without such laws.”

"Cannabis Use and Earlier Onset of Psychosis: A Systematic Meta-analysis"

“The results of meta-analysis provide evidence for a relationship between cannabis use and earlier onset of psychotic illness, and they support the hypothesis that cannabis use plays a causal role in the development of psychosis in some patients.”

"Marijuana Use and High School Dropout: The Influence of Unobservables"

​​“The association remained statistically significant and marijuana users were still more than twice as likely to drop out of school even after including measures of school achievement in the model.”

"​The Influence of Marijuana Use on Neurocognitive Functioning in Adolescents

“Adolescent marijuana users show working memory, attention, and learning abnormalities that persist at least 6 weeks following cessation of use.”